Custom Painting
We offer professional custom brass model painting in most scales for the train enthusiast. Prices depend on scale size and details. Turnaround time is four to six weeks.

When we receive your model it is tested and evaluated at no extra charge. Repair work is available and will be performed only upon prior approval. The model is then disassembled, stripped if necessary and cleaned. It is then painted and baked to ensure a lasting quality finish.

After painting the model, it is reassembled and tested. Any bugs are worked out and it is decaled and finished to your specifications. Weathering is available at an additional cost.

Custom detailing.
We can custom detail your locomotive for you. We do cab interiors, cab curtains made of cloth, extra detail parts to give it that extra little flourish, plus a variety of other things. You can e-mail us for quotes.

Custom Painting Gallery
Here are 12 samples of custom paint work we've done. Click on a photo for a close up view.
Image 1-1
N-Scale Diesel GP-9

Image 1-2
O-Scale Truck

Image 1-3
Custom Logo Train

Image 1-4
Brass 0-6-0 Loco

Image 1-5
G-Scale 40' Boxcar

Image 1-6
G-Scale Diesel

Image 1-7
G-Scale 40' Boxcar

Image 1-8
Brass Shay

Image 1-9
Brass 2-10-4 Loco

Image 1-10
Brass 2-8-0 Loco

Image 1-11
G-Scale 60' Boxcar

Image 1-12
Marklin 1 Gauge Boxcar