Structure Gallery
Chances are, you have a stockpile of structure kits but just don't have the time to build them! Or, perhaps you have a kit that is too difficult for you to build. Let us assemble, paint, weather and detail your building or vehicle kits for you, to your specifications. We can also build any custom scale structure created from your blueprints, drawings or photos. The structures in the slideshow below are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless!

Here are 12 samples of type of work we've done.

Image 2-1
O-Scale Tower

Image 2-2
N-Scale Coaling

Image 2-3
HO-Scale Kit

Image 2-4
O-Scale Cabins

Image 2-5
O-Scale Station

Image 2-6
O-Scale Flats

Image 2-7
HO-Scale Deli

Image 2-8
HO-Scale Stucco

Image 2-9
Z-Scale Castle

Image 2-10
HO Fine Scale

Image 2-11
O-Scale Buildings

Image 2-12
O-Scale Freight


Our team of associates can custom build anything for your railroad or help build your complicated kits. Let us help you with your structures!